Inside REX- Ζείς με κάποιν που έχει το ονομά σου (You live with someone called by your name), 2008

The main idea behind the works, “Inside Rex” and “You live with someone called by your name", is to use the National Theatre (Rex) building as a setting that refers to the larger stage of life on which we live and play-out our role as ourselves.

The “Inside Rex” neon piece has taken its form from the design of the famous logo on the exterior of the art deco building of the National Theatre in central Athens.

The sign has been copied and placed facing into the theatre- behind the same facade on which the original is hung, so that the letters are backwards- giving the audience the impression that they are behind the sign.

The work, “Inside Rex” emphasizes the fact that the audience finds itself inside the theatre- behind the façade of the building in the same way that the actor is behind the façade of the stage.


The work, “You live with someone called by your name”, is about the situation we face within ourselves in life where we play-out roles of our character. The sentence- in neon- stresses the duality within the self, as one stands apart from the image in the mirror.

zeis me kapoion small copy.jpg