DEANNA MAGANIAS: TFA ceramic design

Teverina Fine Art/ TFA gallery for contemporary art was founded by Francesco Nevola and DeAnna Maganias in 2009 in Cortona, Italy.  In parallel to the contemporary art space, TFA ceramic design  was established in 2011 as an avenue to explore functional objects that are inspired by natural geometries, repetition and sequential progression. All TFA ceramics are handmade in Cortona, Italy and Athens, Greece.

This website in the process of taking shape. For any information you may need about items pictured in the design gallery please contact us at: 

Also please find us in the new studio/exhibition space in Athens, Greece opening in April, 2017 

59 Panepistimiou Avenue STOA FIX, Omonia (office 806) Athens, Greece

You may also find us in the original studio at: 

Teverina Bassa 7, Cortona Italia